Apr 092014

Multiple Classic Computer (aka MCC) is simple FPGA (Altera) based design with PS/2 mouse and keyboard and VGA / TV output. It can emulate Commodore C64 and Amiga 500, as well as Apple II, ZX Spectrum and Atari 2600. It provides “plug-and-play” concept. Games and architecture emulator are stored on SD card.

Hardware Specification:


  • Altera Cyclone 3 FPGA with 16k gates
  • 16 MByte SDRAM
  • 2 MByte Flash
  • Micro SD card interface
  • USB Host interface (USB 1.1) for future expansion
  • USB Device interface (USB 1.1)
  • Video Out (4 Pin S-Video or VGA out)
  • Stereo Audio Out (3.5 mm jack)
  • 2x joystick interfaces (DB-9 connector)
  • JTAG interface (internal for programming and development)
  • GPIO interface (internal addition I/Os for to be defined functionality)

The front panel supports:

  • 2x DB-9 Joystick Interfaces for classic retro joysticks
  • Micro SD card interface for FPGA cores, boot and system rom, games
    and application data
  • USB Host interface for future expansion of the MCC with external devices (e.g. USB keyboard / mouse, USB memory stick, etc.)

The back panel supports:

  • Mini USB interface for power supply
  • Stereo Audio Out (3.5mm aux jack)
  • S-Video Out (4-Pin connector) or VGA high quality video out
  • PS-2 interface for keyboard
  • PS-2 interface for mouse


You can buy MCC online: MCC e-shop


Mar 182014

WizFi250 is a compact and easily applicable WiFi module. WizFi250 provides all necessary for a simple usage – an integrated RF amplifier, antenna, 1MB Flash and secure protocols (WEP, WPA, WPA2PSK) and mainly easy control by simple AT commands. WizFi250 is suitable for all common 8/16/32 bit embedded systems. (Datasheet)

Mar 172014

A time ago I saw Phil Ruston’s case for his V6Z80P, and it’s awesome. It’s cutted from 3mm acrylic and looks just perfect. Fortunatelly Phil wrote who made it: Razorlab. You select a material (from cardboard to acrylic) and upload your design – they cut and engrave final piece. You can draw your design in AI, Corel Draw or Inkscape very simple – blue line is cut, red line is engrave (and don’t worry, Razorlab has an extensive manual). So it looks like there is no reason to leave your designs bare. 😉