Aug 262014

Want to try RoboSumo? Here is a simple single board computer built around a 65C02, a two channel hobby-class servo controller board made entirely out of discreet 74HCxxx ICs, and an ADC board for use with a reflectance sensor bar for line following.

Aug 242014

CHOCHI is a minimal XC3S50 FPGA board with 128K of fast SRAM and 31 IO pins – preconfigured as 45MHz 6502 computer! You can program it in 6502 assembler, BASIC, Forth or C.

Other features:

  • fit 4 Picoblaze cores
  • use as a generic FPGA board for any purpose whatsoever
  • use the JTAG port to update the system or make your own
May 122014

Another “Retrocomp in a FPGA” approach, this time for Atari ST(E): Suska. Based on Altera FPGA, boosted by a lot of circuits (Memories, some ATmegas, Ethernet chip…) You can build your own, or simply buy ready made board. Author says: “At the very beginning it was just the address decoder of the GLUE custom chip which was replaced by a simple model. That was back in February 2003. Many hundreds of hours later all custom chips found in the Atari ST have been replaced with a single FPGA. Even the 68000 CPU has been integrated.”

May 032014

Imagine a Z80 CPU at 128MHz, 64MB RAM, monitor, UART, powered by CP/M version 2.2 or MP/M-II… Just a nice dream? No, it’s real! Of course, it’s FPGA. Xilinx Spartan 6 this time, as used in Papilio Pro board. Look at socz80 project page for more details and source codes.

Apr 062014

86duino Zero and 86duino One are based on Vortex86EX processor, so they’re the cheapest (39USD / 69USD) ev boards with x86 based processor.

Zero contains 300MHz Vortex, 128MB DDR3 RAM and 8MB FLASH on standard *duino layout. 86duino One adds gyro sensor and provides *duino Mega layout.

Vortex 86EX is a high performance and fully static 32-bit x86 processor. It integrates PCIE bus, DDR3, ROM controller, xISA, I2C, SPI, IPC (Internal Peripheral Controllers with DMA and interrupt timer/counter included), Fast Ethernet, FIFO UART, USB2.0 and SD/SATA controller within a single package to form a system-on-a-chip (SOC).

Mar 242014

I’ve updated my online assembler IDE recently (more info here). It can assemble / debug code for MCU Motorola 6809. The assembler is in alpha version, not yet fully compatible with old 6809 assemblers (pseudoinstructions like FCB, FCC, BSZ, RMB, ZMB are missing, but I’m working on them). The all you need is to create a file with “.a09” extension and compile it. Compiler outputs to “HEX” files (not S records yet, but it’ll be soon). Assembled code can be tested in embedded 6809 emulator, based on my code. You can use an online SBC09 emulator, which is capable to emulate Grant Searle’s 6 chip simple 6809 computer. Stay tuned for further information…