Dec 292019

Zigbee CC2531 Wireless Transceiver E18-2G4U04B with USB Zigbee CC2531 Case 4dBm Wireless Transceiver  E18-2G4U04B USB Connector IO Port IoT PCB Antenna 2.4GHz Transmitter and Receiver Here is a debugger / programmer for this module RF ParameterValueRemarkFrequency2394~2507 MHzSupport ISM bandTransmitting power4 dBm–Receiving sensitivity-96.4 dBmAir data rate: 250kbpsCommunication protocalZigBee–Test distance200mIn open and clear air, with maximum power, 5dBi antenna gain, height of 2.5m, air data rate: 250kbps Hardware ParameterValueRemarkICCC2531F256RHAT/QFN40Built-in PA+LNAFLASH256 KB–RAM8 KB–Core8051 MCU–Size59 * 18 mmWith housingAntenna typePCB–Powered byUSB–   Electronic parameterMin.Typ.Max.UnitConditionOperating voltage2.755.5Vpowered by USBOperating voltage2.03.33.6Vpowered by pcb power supply holeCommunication level–3.3–VFor 5V TTL, it may be at risk of burning downTransmitting current–31.5–mAInstant power consumptionReceiving current–26–mApowered by USBSleep current–––μA–Operating temperature-4020+85℃–Operating humidity106090%–Storage temperature-4020+125℃– 
Source: USB Zigbee Transceiver

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