Mar 242014

I’ve updated my online assembler IDE recently (more info here). It can assemble / debug code for MCU Motorola 6809. The assembler is in alpha version, not yet fully compatible with old 6809 assemblers (pseudoinstructions like FCB, FCC, BSZ, RMB, ZMB are missing, but I’m working on them). The all you need is to create a file with “.a09” extension and compile it. Compiler outputs to “HEX” files (not S records yet, but it’ll be soon). Assembled code can be tested in embedded 6809 emulator, based on my code. You can use an online SBC09 emulator, which is capable to emulate Grant Searle’s 6 chip simple 6809 computer. Stay tuned for further information…

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  1. Great work!

    I publish it here:

    Hope you work on the 6809 implementation 😉

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