May 012013

(From NXP’s newsletter) 

NXP’s LPC800 is the first microcontroller to combine the flexibility of an 8-bit MCU with the versatility of a 32-bit Cortex M0+ core. This is a bold move towards making 8-bit architectures obsolete! That is why we are offering you the opportunity to win an LPC800 mini-board so you can try it for yourself.

We have a limited number of mini-boards using the DIP8-housed LPC810, so we are holding a raffle to give everyone a fair chance of winning one. Simply watch this short video and answer a couple of questions and enter to win.

  One Response to “Get a free LPC800 mini-board”

  1. Hi, Thanks for the context. In 2013, I received couple of LPC810 boards from Netherlands NXP through NGX technologies in Bangalore. Really Good Board.

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